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Foot Soldiers Cover Art Triptych

Work commissioned as the cover art for Foot Soldiers, an RPG with a low fantasy medieval setting. The final image was intended to work both as one scene as well as three individual pictures with different color schemes and situations, for each of the parts serves as the cover of different manuals for the game.

Marco gonzalez foot soldiers

Full Triptych

Marco gonzalez foot soldiers a

Part A

Marco gonzalez foot soldiers b

Part B

Marco gonzalez foot soldiers c

Part C

Marco gonzalez fssk001a

Initial sketch and layout

Marco gonzalez fssk001b

Throwing some values in

Marco gonzalez fssk001c

Defining shapes and some overall details. Also, the composition in the first panel was weaker than the other two, so the middle character was replaced

Marco gonzalez fssk001d

Some changes were applied to some characters' costumes according to client's request

Marco gonzalez fssk001e

Initial colours

Marco gonzalez fssk001f

Final stage before going into details and the actual painting