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Earlier today the government announced that there's going to be a plebiscite next year in order to change the constitution, which is one of the demands of the movement. Throughout weeks of protests, the media have always focused on violence, criminalising the demonstrations and acting accordingly. There's been tens of dead and thousands of injured and tortured. Police brutality has been commonplace, yet there's been no punishment. Also, one of the conditions for the plebiscite was that the constitutional accusation against Piñera was lifted, despite his responsibility in all these violent events, and now they're claiming peace for the country as if nothing happened. While the plebiscite may be good news (there're still plenty of fishy things about it), the same bunch still rule over the country, and more importantly, human rights have been greatly trampled and answers are needed. Piñera's peace is a monster that stomps over people and his hands are stained.