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El Pueblo Tuerto contra el Gobierno Ciego

"The One-eyed People against the Blind Government"
The Chilean government hasn't shown actual signs of change yet. Constitutional accusations have been made towards both president Piñera and former minister of the interior Chadwick. There's been changes in the cabinet, but nothing meaningful, sparking more dissaproval from the citizens. Protests are still going strong every single day, and carabineros (the police), rather than being punished for human rights violations, are congratulated. The government has given clear signs that they value material property way over lives and safety. Sources differ, but the dead count is at least over 20, and more than 2500 have been injured. Over 150 people have been officially reported to have eye injuries due to police actions (mainly buckshots and pellets), including complete loss of an eye in some cases. While people keep receiving arbitrary shots and blows, the government acts blind to the popular demands.