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Cooperación también es Revolución

"Cooperation is also Revolution"

Things here in Chile haven't calmed down, but there's hope. Constitutional accusations have been made towards former minister of the interior Chadwick and possibly president Piñera as well, for violations against human rights. There's also a project being presented to create a new constitution, hopefully with the citizen participation. The police (carabineros) and the military continue to show desproportionate use of force, but hundreds of lawsuits have been presented and more are expected to come as the investigators gather new precedents and new claims are filed. Amidst the turmoil, it's nice to see people taking care of each other, standing for each other and joining for common causes, even after two weeks of violent repression. I made this with the idea that, even though the government hasn't made any real changes yet, we still have won something valuable that we'd lost over to the market: cooperation and a sense of community.