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Chile Burns

"Repression is burning Chile"
Chile, my country, is currently under a state of emergency, with curfews everyday, and the streets loaded with special forces and the military, fully armed -armoured vehicles included-. The government hasn't been able nor willing to listen to popular demands, which have arisen nationwide during the past week. People are scared, yes, but more than that, outraged. The protests have been peaceful, yet the government and pro-government parties keep on criminalising society through their discourse and media, instilling fear on people, trying to break unity by pulling different set ups, and calling it a war. Police forces have attacked protesters and pedestrians alike, using tear gas, buckshots, truncheons or even running over them with their vehicles. They've shot innocent people, and even homes. Yet our president insists on calling out violence, as if it wasn't something they're a part and cause of.
Thanks for reading, and please, if you can, spread the word.